Our Founder’s Story

After several sales leadership positions, Andy noticed how inefficient the growth process typically is for both technology startups and mature organizations in transition.

Many choose to hire a CRO or VP of Sales. The sales executive then creates a plan, recruits a team and attempts to piece together a revenue engine. With this approach, the time to market is much longer, results suffer and investors relationships are challenged.
Others adopt a founder-led sales model, where the CEO is responsible for sales. However, most founders & CEOs are not trained in sales and lack the time, bandwidth and expertise to recruit and manage a sales organization effectively.

The status quo was completely inefficient.

Andy believed that just like you can hire a specialized accounting, medical, or legal team, you should be able to hire a specialized expert sales team to help grow your business.

Whether you’re a founder, CRO or VP of Sales, you should have access to industry-focused growth experts to help you scale faster.

He started testing this idea as a fractional CRO for 2 early-stage PropTech startups. He noticed patterns, trends and valuable insights that were applicable within both companies. With his knowledge and experience, he began creating a playbook for what is now Business Development as a Service (BDaaS)

The combination of tactics, processes and consistent team chemistry with deep industry knowledge across the built environment has subsequently enabled 25+ companies to launch property technology products, penetrate new markets and lead to successful acquisitions.